Khristel Adams

L’écho des âmes

Welcome to the Soulsecho universe – L’ECHO DES ÂMES , imagined by singer Kristel Adams.
From the stage to the production of events, More than 30 years of experience around the world.
His new challenge, An event agency .
Thanks to experiences there is no better than a true artist to organize with professionalism and heart.
Ask I realize.

Paris, London, Madrid, Moscow,
Yerevan, Shanghai, Rio, New York…
From classical to La Soul Music through Pop , Gospel,jazz …

it’s a journey from which we come back changed.
Soulsecho, is a “resonator of souls”. He takes care of taking the auditor
for a linguistic journey in 10 stages, dotted with sounds as different as the horizons and origins of the musicians who make up the group. Soulsecho emphasizes the universality of prayer, that it is addressed to a god, a similar, a living being, an element. So it’s a message of peace and hope.
From Gospel to flamenco, from Aramaic to Breton …